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Main Tax Deductions That are Applicable to You

Back in the year 2017, the US Government adopted several tax deduction regulations and job acts. These new laws allow workers more opportunities to reduce their deductible income. However, some people do not take advantage of these new policies because they are not aware of their existence. Read more here to learn some vital tax cuts that you can put to work.

Among the latest tax laws introduced include the new standard deduction. In the past, tax payers were required to itemize all their requirements so they could qualify to get tax relief. Nevertheless, the standard deduction has increased the deductible amounts for married and single individuals to $24,000 and $12,500 respectively.

It is possible for you to deduct state and local taxes of up to $10,000. The amount of relief you will get may depend on many factors. For instance, if you intend to make a big purchase such as car or a house, then you are eligible for deduction on sales, property and state taxes.

For the self-employed, they are allowed to deduct a substantial amount of their income dedicated to healthcare expenses. For instance, the self employed people are allowed to take off the amount they incur on insurance premiums. Moreover, employees working for private companies can deduct medical, vision and dental expenses from the taxed income. For the staff members who incur mileage expenses, they should list in the amount to be deducted so they can get tax relief. Back in 2018, private company employees were eligible for tax deduction if they incurred expenses that exceeded 7.5% of their gross income, but the 2019 laws increased the minimum threshold of medical expenses to over 10% of the gross income. In addition, it is also essential to investigate many other health care expenses as you may be eligible for tax relief on such expense.

If you are paying student loans and mortgages, you are qualified to get tax relief on the interest. Students repaying their education loans are qualified to file for up to $2500 of the interest generated. The tax relief is critical to helping students do away with significant amount of their loans. For private business employees repaying mortgage or home equity loans, they can also deduct the interest their loans have accrued. For the individuals who dedicate their home equity loans to property renovation, they can file for tax deduction of up to $10,000. Similarly, the tax relief of the mortgage is up to $750, 000.

Perhaps you are worried about what would happen to you in the case you are unable to pay the requisite tax. The IRS has created an option of filing for Precision Tax Relief that exempts you the obligation.

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