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Purchasing Your Own Star

We’ve looked up at the night sky and wondered about the constellations, and the heavenly bodies nestled brightly in the darkness. There is a natural sense of awe in our hearts as we ponder about what lies beyond our atmosphere. A scene in the famous Nicholas Sparks movie “A Walk To Remember” showed us how Landon purchased a star and named it after Jamie. So if you want to recreate that scene, we’ll tell you how in this article.

It is the gift idea that is truly heartfelt and raw. Purchasing a star engraves a name in the heavens which you will remember wherever you are whenever you look up at the sky. The entire package includes a certificate, a star map which shows you how to locate the star you bought, and others that make it feel so absolutely real.

But we live in a world where people tamper with what is pure and good and innocent. We know of six companies that trick you into believing you can actually purchase the rights to a star. Well, the hard truth is that no commercial company has the power to name stars. They must be really having a kick out of it, adding special things like a prestigious certificate, guide to locating your star, and all that stuff that make it seem actually legal. These people sell stars for $40-$60 on average, making you think you actually got a pretty sweet deal.

It would’ve been understandable for companies to have this kind of business venture, but they don’t transparently tell you that they have no right to name any of the stars in the sky. Of all the people and companies out there who claim to have the power to name stars, the only one officially recognized is the International Astronomical Union and no, they do not sell stars. The websites of those groups that offer to let you name a star to appear deceptive and put out information in half-truths or hidden in almost invisible print at the bottom of the page.

But amongst the rocks, there is a diamond that waits for you. Star Name Registry is the only star naming registry that does not beat around the bush and tells you directly what you are going to receive. This site shows you exactly what they offer and what you can get out of it. You can give them a visit through this link.

So if you still want to recreate that “A Walk To Remember” moment, then go and purchase a star from a company that tells you the direct truth.

And even though your star names won’t officially be recognized, it is a thoughtful gift nonetheless. So head on over to this link and name a star today!

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