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6 Supplements to Fight Ametriptyline Withdrawal

Amitriptyline withdrawal symptoms are considered to be the changes in neurochemistry after stopping the drug use. It’s understood that when a person begins to the drug to treat a certain medical condition, it’s taking time for the central nervous system and the brain to make adjustments to its effect. As soon as the central nervous system and the brain get used to it, that is the time when it will rely on the presence of drugs to have a balanced neurotransmitter concentration and receptor activity.

There are several factors to which the severities of symptoms can be affected after amitriptyline is discontinued for use. Factors that are influencing the withdrawal symptoms severity may include length of amitriptyline use, its dosage, rate of discontinuation, lifestyle of the user and even the gene expression of former user.

Fighting amitriptyline withdrawal symptoms can be more advantageous if you partner it with a supplement as this is known to reduce the severity of withdrawal and sometimes, expedite recovery. As you read the next lines, you will be able to discover supplements that can be beneficial to your situation after you stop using amitriptyline. Comprehending the effect of the supplements to be discussed below are still subject to variation which will depend on users as not everyone benefits from supplementation while undergoing withdrawal.

Number 1. Magnesium – this could be among the best supplementation to use when you’re withdrawing from amitriptyline or any antidepressant drug. It’s thought that magnesium is able to increase mental and physical relaxation, enhance sleep and improve mood.

Number 2. Probiotics – some people believe that gut health is damaged during the use of amitriptyline which is why upon withdrawal, it needs assistance in gut repair. Supplementing your system using high quality probiotics help to repair the gut after discontinuation of amitriptyline.

Number 3. Krill oil – it is capable of helping with the stabilization or regulation of erratic brain activity after stopping with the use of amitriptyline.

Number 4. Melatonin – you may like to use melatonin prior to going to bed in the event that it is hard for you to stay asleep or having hard time to sleep.

Number 5. Electrolytes – expect that electrolytes in your body will suffer imbalance after you stop using amitriptyline. In an effort to replenish all electrolytes loss and at the same time, to restore balance, it is smart to supplement your body with an electrolyte formulation.

Number 6. Lemon balm – people with ridiculously high levels of anxiety of discontinuing the drug use can benefit from lemon balm or an herb that’s thought to have properties to reduce stress.

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